BD Ultra Thin Slate VeneerTM

by Backlit DecorTM


Technical Aspects

This natural slate veneer is a unique and innovative product that will add elegance and a special texture to any surface inside or out. It can be used to create stunning interior or exterior accents. It is compatible to any style, rustic or classic. Installation is easy. we can lay out and pre-cut to fit.

When installed in the correct way, BD Ultra-Thin Slate VeneerTM is indistinguishable from natural solid slate.

The light weight, flexibility, versatility and low installation cost make BD Ultra-Thin Slate VeneerTM a great alternative to heavy natural stone slabs. For obvious reasons BD Ultra-Thin Slate VeneerTM is not load-bearing.

BD Ultra-Thin Slate VeneerTM  can be factory laminated to various materials, i.e. Acrylic in order to increase rigidity or EPS (Styrofoam) in order to achieve great additional insulation on inside or outside walls.

BD Ultra-Thin Slate VeneerTM can be attached to almost any substrate from concrete to glass. The exact installation process depends on the type of product and substrate. Every shipment will include specific installation instructions based on client input.

Technical Details:

Surface material thickness 1/8"
Laminate padding: Any thickness with insulating materials like EPS (Polystyrene) or up to 1" with non-insulating rigid materials like Acrylic or PVC
Weight: 0.7 lbs per SF
Sheet size: 48" x 96"

Recommended Uses: Any indoor or outdoor surface


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