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Product Category:
Natural Materials



Natural Onyx laminated to various backing materials  
Ultra thin
Light weight

Interior and exterior applications
Decorative surfaces
Environmentally friendly 

The raw material


We do not sell raw material, only finished product.


bar faces
bar tops
bar backdrops/ shelves
ceilings (floating)
ceilings (panels)
ceilings (tile)
head boards
main entry decors
pool ornaments
reception desks
room dividers

shower stalls
stair risers
stair treads
table bases
table tops
vanity tops
wall ornaments
walls (entire walls)
wine room backdrops

More Detail:

First off, we produce only entire projects which include:

  • lens or decorative natural Onyx surface
  • back plate (typically powder coated sheet metal holding the lighting components)
  • all lighting components.
  • all necessary hardware to mount the feature
  • special tools if so needed
  • detailed instructions
  • phone support at installation, if needed

We make sure to deliver everything needed for a successful installation so the installer(s) do not have to leave the job site for additional purchases of any kind.

All of our backlit projects are tested and designed/ adjusted so that the surface material is illuminated properly without showing any LED nodes, cold or hot spots. We are frequently asked to supply surface panels while others will do the lighting. We caution that this can be a risky endeavor since third parties like electrical engineers or electricians likely are not familiar with our surface materials. If spacing, light intensity, color temperature, etc. are not correct (and tested) the result may look completely different from the desired look.

Natural Onyx & Purchase Committment

Every project is different in a number of parameters like size, color, number of panels, matching requirements, etc.
Due to that fact we place orders with our suppliers/ quarries only after the selection process has been completed and client has committed to the relevant purchase. Why? Because a long time can elapse between planning stage and order date. Neither we nor our suppliers can hold selected panels for months on end without the buyer being committed.

Onyx Selection Process
1) Client to provide images of desired color
2) We will then provide images of available material
3) Client to determine choice and let us know (the sooner the better; remember, stock continuously fluctuates)
4) We will provide amount to prepay (we can only hold stock that is prepaid)
5) As soon as prepayment is received we will reserve the selected material as selected

This is the only way you get exactly what you want. We do not provide genuine Onyx samples.



 For colors & lighting options click here

  Examples to show the effects of different lighting (color temperatures) on the appearance of surfaces.


Bright White (6000 Kelvin) vs. Warm White (2700)


Backlit Onyx & various Color Temperatures




Onyx - Laminate vs. Solid Slab




Natural Onyx (Laminate)

Thin Onyx laminated to glass and other backing

Natural Onyx Slab

(we do not sell this type material)

1/4" to 1/2" 3/4" & up
Available sizes: 
Typically 4' x 8' Typically 5' x 10'
Custom sizes:
Yes No

About 3 lb. per SF installed
(~90 lbs per 4 x 8' sheet)

About 10 to 15 lbs. per SF installed
(~300 - 400 lbs per 4 x 8' sheet) 

No heavy equipment

Heavy equipment
Backing (structural):
Not required (regular framing ok)  Required
Rigid Rigid
Environmental Impact
1/4 of Solid slab  
Maintenance (of Lighting)
easy in most cases >hard to impossible



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