Deliver a visual punch with this modular & expandable display unit

and show different types of surfaces using various color temperatures (bright white, cool white, warm white, etc.)

As we will add different stone types and colors you can add them to this modular system.

You will be able to reproduce any stone color shown in the respective surface color sections.

Light Box with selection of different samples
display unit 07a


Be sure to check out the full color spectrum/ lighting options before purchasing!

Click for colors

 Faux Marble


Click for colors

Faux Onyx


Click for colors

Real Stone Veneer

Light Box $180 will be part of every order

to show the effects on different surfaces with different lighting (color temperatures).

* Plates:

Just some examples of what your Modular Display Unit could look like

Purchase Price will be reimbursed with your first order larger than $3,000. Sorry no refunds for samples.

Real Stone Veneer Regular vs. Smooth Finish (Epoxy) 
both will produce the same look when backlit.



backlit stone display unit 06 600  RV-929-NL.jpg RV-813-NL.jpg

LED set to Cool White on
Real Stone Veneer Color A-12


LED set to Warm White on
Real Stone Veneer Color A-12


LED set to Bright White on
Faux Onyx 
Color RV-804


LED set to Warm White on
Faux Onyx
Color RV-804

display unit A11 4k display unit A11 3k display unit RV 804 6k display unit RV 804 3k


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