Go wild with colors!


Time is Money

Our Artisans can create a slew of patterns using a host of different colors. All to match your design as closely as possible.

We paint on Acrylics - translucent or not - PVC and other plastics.

Why would we do such a thing? Because

  • Design professionals like to offer specialties
  • There may not be a faux painter in the area. We can fill that void
  • Faux painters paint on walls, furniture, etc. but usually not onto materials we do (Acrylics, PVC)
  • Our Faux products can be translucent (backlit) for stunning effects or not.
  • We can paint and ship panel sizes of up to 4 x 8ft
  • Our Faux painted panels are flexible
  • We trim and pre-cut panels as needed. So i.e. an entire wall or part of it can be clad literally in minutes without a mess.
  • Faux painting a ceilling is a real chore, not with our panels.
  • You control direction of striations (i.e. diagonal, horizontal, vertical)

In the age of instant applications and high labor cost we can fulfill the need of Design Professionals to have a product ready to install in very short periods of time and transform space fundamentally.

Faux painted panels can be installed at any time and are ideal for remodel jobs.

They can be installed quickly and without a mess.



Natural Onyx Real Stone Veneer Thin Slate Veneer Mother of Pearl Faux Onyx


Faux Marble Custom Surfaces


Example of

Real Carrara



Faux Painted Carrara

    real-marble-white-carrara-12a   faux-marble-047-carrara-600  
Installation very difficult due to weight (800 to 1000 lbs/slab)   minimal, installs in minutes, weight: 25 lbs/ sheet  




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