Chore: Create removable backlit faux onyx panels

Client requirement was to use backlit Onyx or Faux Onyx behind the shelves in a refrigerated wine room. Dimensions of large leg: 12' x 10' high, Small leg 5' x 10' high.

The backdrop needed to be dimmable and connected to a 0-10V system in order to adjust for day/ night ambient light.The appearance was to be one large surface without visible seams/ joints.

Upon our suggestion client approved to have us design future maintainability of the light sources (LED) into the project.

In the process client decided in favor of Faux Onyx

Concept Development


Shaded areas show future glass wall. Faux Onyx panels to be sliding behind shelves and resting on top. Mill worker voiced concern about stability of shelves.


process backlit wine room 03

Anchoring & Panel Sizes

In cooperation with mill worker a system was devised to use long brackets as anchors providing enough space behind the shelves to slide in the panels as well as provide stability for the shelves. This way the lighting inside the panels can be maintained in the future by pulling the panels out from behind the shelves.



process backlit wine room 04

In coordination with GC and electrical contractor, outlet locations were determined and marked in drawings.




During construction - framing phase - anchor points had to be selected to tie the wine shelves securely to the wall. Blocking to be added in these areas.


Mark Panel Locations

process backlit wine room 05

In order for all trades and GC to be on the same page, we always suggest to mark panel locations with blue tape. This will help reduce errors and costly delays.


process backlit wine room 06

Production Electrical

Shown here is a completed small back panel with LED lighting attached (2' x 8' high). In this case the panel is made from 20 gauge steel and powder coated white for best reflection.


Production of Surface

process backlit wine room 07

Surface must be prepared in order to produce tight connection with the metal back panel.


process backlit wine room 08

Finished Panels

Finished panels in preparation for testing


Quality Control

process backlit wine room 09

Finished panels are now tested for a period of time.


backlit wine cellar 03

Finished Panels

Finished panels in preparation for testing



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