Backlit Panel Specialty Fabrication

by Backlit DecorTM

Stuck on a project? Need an idea or solution? Too many companies to deal with? No local expert?

Challenge us, we may be able to assist as your One-Stop-Shop.


We can handle almost any shape or size project. When designing a project consider that surface materials come standard 48" x 96". Cutting down to size is no problem. scaling up requires multiple panels. Try to avoid "being a little over" as this will add to the project cost.

Example: Designing a backlit feature measuring 9'-0" high by 5'-3" wide will require (3) panels @ 3'-0" high by 5'-3" wide. If that dimension can be brought down to r' by 8' and the difference be "padded" somehow it can be done with ONE panel, saving a substantial amout of money.

Skill sets of our team members:

Translucent Surface Materials

Faux Onyx, Genuine Onyx, Faux Marble, Faux Granite, Slate, Mother of Pearl, Wood


Newest LED lighting technologies including controllers, dimmers, 0-10V technology


Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Powder Coating


Frames, Trim


Faux Marbles, Faux Onyx, Color Composition


Acrylics, PVC, Forming



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