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Natural Materials

Not Backlit

mop101 800

This is just a small table insert, the material can be

applied to large areas as well.




mop103 lit 800

Applying RGB LED's as a light source gives the user

the option to choose from a host of colors via remote control.



Mother of Pearl

Natural Mother of Pearl derived from the Windowpane Oyster. 

FG Resins

Depending on the application surfaces will be protected with a clear coat in order to preserve the beautiful luster.

Alternatively we can apply Epoxy coating in order to create a very rigid surface around this fragile material.

Mix & Match applications with other materials are possible.

Mother of Pearl can be applied to large or small areas

Extremely decorative!


Ultra thin
Light Weight
Interior applications
Decorative surface
Sustainable resource
Environmentally friendly
Standard: 12 x 12" tiles

Create intricate, elegant designs by pixing pattern and solid color tiles.


The raw material

raw shell


bar faces
bar tops
bar backdrops/ shelves
ceilings (floating)
ceilings (panels)
ceilings (tile)
garden ornaments
head boards
main entry decors
pool ornaments
reception desks
room dividers


shower stalls
stair risers
stair treads
stone inlay designs
table bases
table tops
vanitty tops
wall ornaments
walls (entire walls)
wine room backdrops

More Detail:

An elaborate process of cleaning, separating the Mother of Pearl from the shell and sorting it yields a fantastic sustainable product.

It can be cut into desired pieces and is applied meticulously to a resin base allowing for a wide array of different designs.

Some of you may remember decorative lamps that were made from tortoise shells some 30 years ago. They had that incredible rich translucence making them magnificent classy -and expensive- conversation pieces. Well that material was outlawed and the tortoises placed on the protected species list so no more of that.

Look at this material as a replacement for that incredible tortoise shell material. Looks are almost identical when backlit yet versatility is much greater.

This material is hand crafted and therefore only available as special order. Ask for details.

Combined with our expertise in back-lighting, Epoxy coating and assembly techniques it will allow us to create absolutely stunning designs that can be used in many different spaces and settings, classy or contemporary.

It can also be mixed and matched with our Real Stone Veneer and other products to achieve very unique looks especially when backlit.



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Without Backlighting



With Backlighting

CP PTRN 08 lit 800


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