Gilding, or in other words, the application of gold leaf to literally any object indoors or out.

Gilding is a very time consuming task so make sure you place your order in a timely fashion.

There are a number of techniques and materials used in today’s markets.

As the techniques are extensive and often kept as trade secrets we just like to point out that if planned carefully, tested for particular circumstances or environments and executed correctly, exterior or interior gilding will ensure that projects in any region or space will maintain the beauty and longevity desired by the client.


Our principal was involved in numerous restoration efforts in southern Germany after WWII repairing and re-gilding lots of war damaged artifacts and architecturals. 

Quality first dictates that we only use at a minimum 23.75 carat Gold.

There are many products on the market trying to achieve the looks of real gold and many will succeed, however only for a few months. Most will tarnish in a short period of time rendering the original effort quite useless.

On the other hand we have seen gilded objects using real gold that lasted for 200 Years and more.

Some people will recommend other materials like bronzes, “decorator” gold, imitation gold, etc. and protecting surfaces with shellacs. Again that will only be a more temporary solution.


Remember, gold –real gold – is the only element impervious to any chemicals and doesn’t need to be protected, so you be the judge.




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